Handler Files

dlist stays out of your way when it comes to individual file access, this is by design. You can add some very simple processing to it through the addition of a handler for markdown files (*.md).


To enable this feature you must take a copy of markdown.php file (from the same directory as this file) and place it somewhere accessible on your server:


also change dir-listing.php to match the location you just updated:

$handlerdir = "/var/www/dev/dlist/handlers/";

Create (or edit) the top-most .htaccess file that will be rewriting *.md requests:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule (.+)\.md$  dir-listing.php?action=markdown&file=$1

You can keep the file anywhere you wish:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule (.+)\.md$  /assets/dlist/dir-listing.php?action=markdown&file=$1

If you maintain an installation closer to the second one, you will need to make one minor edit to dir-listing.php. Keep in mind the following examples are real code, but they have been formatted (linebreaks have been added):

# dir-listing.php - original
<?php if ($markdown) { ?><article>
<?php include($handlerdir."markdown-extra.php"); 
echo Markdown(file_get_contents($_GET["file"].".md")); ?>

Must be changed to:

# dir-listing.php - updated for depth
<?php if ($markdown) { ?><article>
<?php include($handlerdir."markdown-extra.php"); 
echo Markdown(file_get_contents("../../".$_GET["file"].".md")); ?>

Note the addition of ../../ within file_get_contents() on the second to last line. For however many folders you declare the depth in .htaccess you must increase the depth (../) in dir-listing.php.