Wednesday, June 16th 2021

🔻 What about "predefined" notes, perhaps a "journal entry" item at the top under the date, to-do items after that, then other items and such.

Tuesday, June 15th 2021

🔺 Fix the padding on the bottom of the input box
🔺 100% width on the text input
🔺 Add rudimentary editing of notes.
🔺 This should be Sunday.
✔️ How do I allow notes to be moveable to any missed days, but also the last real entry date?
🗑️ Select the dumpster with date so the UI matches.
🗑️ timestamp!

Monday, June 14th 2021

🔺 Moving things around: what about skipping days, for instance what if I want to pop an item into the day before, when there was no entry for that day?
✔️ iCal access/importing
✔️ Multiple "rolls" of notes. Collections, dailys, what-have-you.
✔️ Add user accounts
✔️ Is the font correct in the input box on mobile?
🗑️ Add "important" icon, to stand out.

Sunday, June 13th 2021

🔺 I think no matter what, a typed wntry here should go into the date it is written. Currently it looks like it goes into the last active date.
🗑️ Will double-click to edit work on mobile?

Saturday, June 12th 2021

✔️ Should links to actions contain an anchor (most likely the timestamp) so when we return to the page were in the same space. Not sure how if I want to start adding Ajax yet.
🗑️ Valley