Data Recovery with PhotoRec

At one time or another we all suffer from hard–drive failures. It’s good to know that there are options to this, since I just read about photorec I thought I could give it a whirl when all my data decided to vanish.

It was fantastic, and as expected received a folder full of more folders each containing 500 files. In total I had 80,000 files to sift through. Yes, eighty-thousand.

Luckily there are some shortcuts to sorting through all this.

After that my new eighty-thousand files were split up by extension. Some quick deletion of some crap extensions and the like left me with some OpenOffice documents, some Gimp images, some PDFs, and a few other miscellaneous files — you know — the useful stuff.

I made quick work of this and am back to normal in eighty-thousand files worth of time.