A Simple Goal for a Free Market

Alright, let’s say you support a Free Market and hold that the market (essentially, everyone within it) should, through the simple act of living, producing goods and services and purchasing them, should decide it’s fate.

Good for us, we have a free market, unfettered by the woes of morality.

Now, how can a person, such as myself, make a decision (not based solely on price) in this current market.



So: a market, standing free of social responsibility & accountability, is (through this playful use of words) only concerned with the bottom line: not you; only your money).

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing: they’re in it for the money-I get that-I’m cool with that; I am too. It’s the only reason I work.

However, this unfettered market isn’t free. It’s free for them (the big players), but costly to us (the majority).

We just learned that a Free Market isn’t Democratic. Wonderful.

Currently, our only deciding factor in this fabulous market is price. What’s cheapest.

What if I want to make my decision on products on a greater scale: environmental/economic impact?

How much does Product X destroy the planet on it’s way to my front door? Does Product Y cost me more, but is overall “kinder?” I’ll take that.

I don’t want to force Producers into environmentally-friendly standards, or economically-friendly standards. I don’t want to force them into any manufacturing standards at all.

I want to know everything about every product they’re trying to convince me into wasting my money on.

Where did it get built? What are the conditions of the plant? What nonrenewable resources does it contain?

When I know all this, and more, and how it makes me feel, I’ll know if I’m getting a good deal or not.